The CDC says at least ten children across the country died because of the flu this past week, including a child in Shreveport.

Right now, the flu is widespread in 40 states including Louisiana.

So far this season, there have been 20 pediatric deaths.Many hospitals say they're seeing so many patients for the flu, that they have been forced to put emergency plans into action.

Some hospitals are delaying some surgeries to reserve more beds for flu patients, and new technology to fight the flu is in short supply.

'We actually have run out of beds. The company that provides them have been in short supply. There have been waiting lists for them, and patients have had to wait,' Dr. Jordan Weingarten of Seton Hospital in Austin says. 'In all honesty, there's the risk that if there's not enough equipment, someone will die. This is a bad situation we are in right now.'

Since October, state officials say they've confirmed 20 flu deaths in Louisiana.But, they add, there are hundreds of undiagnosed cases of the flu that result in death every year.

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