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NEWORLEANS -- New Orleans police are asking for help in identifying those responsible for a recent spate of armed robberies in the French Quarter.

There have been six stick ups in the Quarter since early Sunday morning. Police released security camera video of a man walking near Ursuline and Burgundy early Monday morning.

Another man armed with a handgun approached him from behind, demanding the victim empty his pockets.

'I looked at him and I said, are you serious?' said the victim, who did not want to be identified. 'He said yeah, I'm serious. Once he demanded everything, all I could think of was get that gun.'

The victim said he fought for the robber's gun after handing over his wallet and a pocket knife.

'When I went after the gun, that's when he was able to open up my knife and started, you know, stabbing at me.'

The victim said he chased his attacker for blocks before passing out.

'Both of my forearms, I have pretty deep wounds. My right forearm muscle was cut almost to the bone.'

Eddie Selby is a former police commander who spent 36 years with the NOPD. He said most armed robberies in the French Quarter are crimes of opportunity.

'Unfortunately, whether you're local or whether you're a tourist, you give them an opportunity because you have gotten off the beaten path or maybe you had a little too much to drink or the way you walk, kind of says, hey maybe this might be an opportunity here,' said Selby. 'They feel as though they can just run up behind and maybe snatch a purse because their physical physique, they just think they can just overpower that person.'

Selby said visitors should enjoy the French Quarter, but be careful.

'You always want to be where you have a lot of activity, a lot of people. You walk with the group of people. You take your cabs. You take your pedicabs and you go to where you want to go.'

The victim in Monday's armed robbery said he plans to be more careful the next time he heads down to the French Quarter.

'I would make sure that we stick together and definitely not park way out in a secluded area,' he said. 'Don't go in secluded areas where, it's easy for these criminals to sneak up on you.'

Police say the suspect in the armed robbery at Ursuline and Burgundy appears to be a black man, 35-40 years old with bushy hair and a thick beard and mustache.

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