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AVONDALE, La. -- Tethered to a tree in frigid temperatures, a pair of Jefferson Parish dogs had to be rescued during this week's winter freeze.

'Come here, we don't want you to look so scared. It's okay,' said Robin Beaulieu, offering words of encouragement to Crosby and Claude.

This week's polar vortex brought sleet, rain and ice plus a bone-chilling cold. It was felt by two dogs left chained to a tree in someone's yard near US 90 and South Jamie Boulevard in Avondale.

On Tuesday night, Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter got the call from a tipster.

'The roads were iced over, US 90 was closed at that time. So first thing Wednesday morning my officer did go out and did indeed find two dogs chained to a tree,' said Beaulieu.

It's unclear how long Crosby and Claude were left outside without shelter. But Beaulieu the shelter's director says it was at least overnight.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office was called out and the owner agreed to surrender both dogs.

'Yes, they have fur on them, but in frigid temperatures -- just like when we're not use to it and they're not accustomed to it -- it can put quite a stress on their bodies,' said Beaulieu.

The Avondale call was one of 14 condition calls that the animal shelter received between Monday and Wednesday when temperatures dropped. Unlike Orleans Parish, Jefferson Parish doesn't have a temperature law. But there are rules on the books.

'When the temperature goes below freezing they [Orleans Parish] require animals to be brought inside. Although we don't have a temperature law, our ordinance does provide for shelter of animals at all times,' said Beaulieu.

Now that this duo is back indoors and warm, they'll be ready for loving homes in a few days.

'You can see he's a little older, but this is all they want,' Beaulieu said while holding Crosby tightly.

The Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter says the owner of the dogs won't face charges since the dogs were surrendered.

If you'd like to adopt Claude, Crosby or other animals in need of homes call the shelter at:(504) 349-5111.

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