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BOGALUSA-For three years, a cross has been standing at the intersection of Highways 21 and 1075, just into Washington Parish.

'He was loved by everybody,' said his mother Connie Talley, 'He had the kindest heart. He was a hard worker and that's what he was doing that morning, going to work.'

The location is where authorities say Talley was struck and killed on his motorcycle in January 2011.State Police arrested Andrea Arceneaux, who they say hit him when she pulled out of her driveway.Up until two weeks ago, that's as close as Talley's case had gotten to justice, in his family's eyes.

Talley said, 'It's been a roller coaster because you look forward to a trial date and then it's just been up and down, up and down.'

A spokesman for District Attorney Walter Reed originally told Eyewitness News that Arceneaux was indicted on the same charge she was arrested for, negligent homicide, but that she was being tried for a lesser charge of failure to yield resulting in the death of another person. The spokesperson said, then, that the district attorney's office couldn't comment on why one charge was being prosecuted over the other until the case was resolved. \

On Thursday, two days after the story aired, that spokesman contacted Eyewitness News to admit the information was a mistake on his part, and Arceneaux was in fact being tried for the charge she was indicted on, failure to yield resulting in the death of another person.

The nightmare didn't end with the trial
because it was a hung jury.Now the family is left to wait again for what they're increasingly fearing will never come, but will never stop fighting for.

'Frustrating, heartbreaking, makes you angry, you know,' said Talley, 'He was such a good kid, that we just want justice for him.'

No one answered at the Arceneaux home when we visited today, and calls to her public defender were not returned.

A new trial date has been set for July.
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