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NEW ORLEANS -- This Uptown lot is a construction site. One day soon there will be a house here, but right now there is no water service, because there's no home.

However, there is a leak, and it has the neighbors shaking their heads.

'It's a tremendous amount of water, it really is,' said neighbor Debbie Huntsman.

The leak is big enough to create large puddles as it flows more than 50 feet down the block where it splashes into the nearest drain.

'If the water department is that busy plugging up leaks, they could probably hire some more people, and save money by not wasting so much of the resource that they've already treated,' mused Debbie.

They've called the Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board, and you can guess what the response is -- that they're 'on the list.'

They're not happy to see so much water being wasted when bills are going up.

'All of this water is being paid by people who can't afford to pay their own water bills to begin with, so it's a burden for all of the population here to have this water just running down the street,' said Debbie.

I'm contacting the water board and asking them to fix this leak. It should be a pretty simple repair job.

Debbie grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Her dad managed a city water system in Arizona. She can't believe that the city of New Orleans allows something like this to go unrepaired.

'If this happened in Phoenix, someone would be going to jail,' said Debbie. 'Literally they would go to jail over something like this.' I'll let you know what happens here.

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