SLIDELL- Heavy rain.. and the flooding it left across the Slidell area Friday proved to be quite the obstacle course for drivers.

Some took their chances slowly on major roads with lots of traffic. Some chose not to chance getting back through the neighborhoods that were dry when they left this morning.

'I'm panicking,' said Peggy Diliberto, 'Really, I'm scared.' If police didn't have the road blocked, there were a few whose efforts to beat the odds failed. 'It didn't look like it was that deep,' said a stranded man. 'Try to, hope she dries out and starts.'

The concern isn't for just what's actually in the road, but how what's in the road is affecting homes in various neighborhoods across Slidell.

Slidell Police Detective Daniel Seuzeneau said, 'Sometimes if a car goes through there very fast, it pushes water up into the house. We're not getting any reports of that yet. Hopefully the rain stops and we don't have any actual houses being flooded.'

With or without drivers making matters worse, as many homeowners watched local drains struggle to keep up with the rainfall and the water inching closer to their doors, worries increased.

'If it keeps raining, we're gonna flood,' said Linda Lucas, 'We're gonna flood.' Many are maintaining a watchful eye into the night while creeks and ditches drop slowly, though the forecast calls fo more rain.

Police say, late in the afternoon, they started to receive calls of minimal water in homes and businesses in the Olde Town area, as well as a neighborhood off of Pontchartrain Drive, due to passing vehicles.

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