LAFAYETTE- A mystery man is running around south Louisiana, signing away hundreds of dollars in tips- 200 to 300% over the typical gratitude on a meal.

'I was very excited,' said server Brittney Lemoine about finding a $150 tip on a $50 bill.

'It was a pretty slow day for me, so I didn't make a whole lot until he came in,' she said.

The man signs his receipts 'Captain Tips' and no one knows who he is.

'I think its a good thing for people to see what goes around comes around,' Deanna Rawls told KATC TV.

'I take that as pay it forward and I decided to pay it forward and buy some clothes for an underprivileged buy I know,' she said.

Rawls also received a $150 tip.

The mystery tipper is keeping track of his happy servers via a social media account on Instagram.

He won't do interviews, but says he is teaching people a lesson on giving.

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