NEW ORLEANS More than 75,000 fans poured into the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Sunday night. The crowd was the fifth-largest in the 30-year history of Wrestlemania. And for a venue that has hosted numerous large concerts, the show Sunday night was the largest-grossing entertainment event ever at the facility, according to a spokesperson.

But, entertainment or sport or a combination of both the event rivaled many of the biggest sporting events for economic impact as many of the fans came a long way to see their favorites.

Sunday's event did not disappoint the faithful. Hulk Hogan received raucous applause, as did other current superstars and superstars of days gone by.

'I mean this with all of my heart,' said Hogan, a former King of Bacchus. 'When I walk down the street, people still treat me like I am the champ in this town.'

WWE legend John Cena echoed Hogan's account of the Crescent City and its hospitality.

'It's not just the availability of social activity,' he said. 'It's the people here, the hospitality, the food. This city is built to show people a good time.'

Like many other huge events that come to the city, the folks at WWE spent some time giving back.

Stephanie McMahon, the chief brand officer of the WWE, said the group held an anti-bullying rally at a boys and girls' club and built a playground at a local school.

As a show of how successful the event was, McMahon guaranteed another Wrestlemania would be in the city's future. 'I just don't know when,' she said.

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