BATONROUGE, La. - The LSUbaseball team got off to a less-than-perfect start for its weekend road series at Texas A&M.

About 15 minutes into its 3:30 p.m. flight, those on board said they noticed that something was 'off.'

The plane had not yet reached its cruising altitude.

'It was a little scary when we were up there,'said head coach Paul Mainieri. 'The pilot came on and said, 'Well, you can tell we've been flying low, we have a mechanical problem and have to head back to Baton Rouge.' That's when we got a little nervous.'

The pilot said there was a problem with the plane's flaps, a part of the wing that helps control air speed. Without them a plane can land, but at a faster speed than normal.

'It came in a little bit hot,' said Mainieri. 'They seemed like a very confident crew and they did a really good job. (We) never felt in danger.'

Once they landed, some of the team took to Twitter.

'As if Iwasn't already scared enough of flying,'said second baseman Kramer Robertson.

Pitcher Zac Person said, 'Even on a broken plane, we keep it cool.'

Mechanics attempted to fix things, but the problem lingered and it didn't take off, sending the team back to Alex Box for some food and a late night practice.

Coach Mainieri said it was a first for him since being at LSU.

'You know, the disappointing thing is that we won't be able to practice in the ballpark there, so for the first time guys going to Texas A&M, they won't have seen the ballpark until we play the game, but we have to deal with things sometimes as they come. We'll be all right.'

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