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HOLDEN, Miss. -- Word spread fast Wednesday morning about something Lance Lockhart feared he'd never hear.

'We finally get peace and closure that they caught her,' he said.

Kenner police arrested Margaret Sanchez for second-degree murder in connection with the death and dismemberment of Lance's sister, Jaren Lockhart.

Sanchez, along with Terry Speaks, had been suspects in the case since they were the last people seen with Lockhart leaving a Bourbon Street strip club two summers ago. Days later, Lockhart's body washed up on several Mississippi beaches, in pieces.

The Hancock County Sheriff's Office says it's glad all of its hard work over these past few years has finally paid off.

'They did a great job, cost us a lot of money, a lot of man hours, but it deserved every effort put into it,'Sheriff Ricky Adam said.

The investigative team said it worked every angle until they were convinced time constraints would not have allowed the murder to happen in Hancock County.

So they turned everything they had over to Kenner police three weeks ago, who turned the last step into an arrest Wednesday.

'You have body parts in two different counties, five different jurisdictions, when it comes down to the murder and from the beginning down to the end,' said Adam, 'So it was really challenging for us and everyone else involved.'

Lockhart's family said the next chapter, the trial, will be the hardest.

'I'm just gonna let God take care of it and let the police take care of it. She'll get what she deserves,' Lance Lockhart said.

Police declined to comment on Terry Speaks' status in the case. He is currently in a federal prison in New York.

Authorities plan to reveal more at a news conference Thursday morning in Kenner.

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