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KENTWOOD, La. -- McDaniel's Dairy Farm sits on South Lewiston Road, just outside the city limits of Kentwood.

Larry McDaniel said it's been a peaceful place to live and raise his livestock for more than 60 years, and that hasn't changed since Goodrich Petroleum drilled and fracked a well yards from his front door just a few months ago.

When asked if he'd had any problems with sound, smell or water, he said no. Regarding vibrations, he said, 'There was a tiny little vibration you could feel it a little bit.'

McDaniel admits there has been minor road damage near the entrance to the site, but he trusts the company to take care of it, because he says they've been good neighbors thus far.

Goodrich said that's the goal.

'We try to be good stewards of the land, the environment and take the interests of our mineral owners and investors into account with everything we do out there in the field,'said Daniel Jenkins, director of Corporate Planning and Investor Relations at Goodrich.

While opponents are glad to hear there have been no problems at the site, so far they say their concerns are also for what could happen in the long-term.

'We're realists,'Amanda Fisher said. 'We want to hear all the information. That's what it's supposed to be. The thing that's scary is the chances that things can go wrong, and they have gone wrong in different places.'

McDaniel doesn't own the land and doesn't own the mineral rights, but he is in the footprint of the project, so he could make money off of the well. But he said that's not why he's OKwith it, and he wants others to see the reasons for themselves.

'Whoever they are, if they've got a concern, come up here, they're more than welcome to come in my yard,' he said.

Goodrich said it and its partner Encana fracked about 15 wells in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale last year with no issues. The company anticipates between 40 and 60 fracking projects to start in the shale this year.

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