METAIRIE, La. -- A wheelchair-bound man who pointed a shotgun at officers was shot and killed by deputies responding to a 911 call Friday morning, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office spokesman John Fortunato.

The incident occurred in an apartment at 6826 Veterans Blvd.

According to Fortunato, the 911 office received a call from a man who said his brother was at the apartment with a shotgun and intended to commit suicide or be shot by police.

Fortunato said that officers responded within 4 minutes and that the disabled man, identified as 47-year-old Bruce Robinson, opened the apartment door and had a shotgun across his lap.

Police asked the man three different times to put the weapon away, but Fortunato said the man raised the gun and pointed it at officers, at which time two of the three officers on the scene fired, killing the man.

Fortunato identified the two officers who fired as Joe Marcel, a 12-year veteran of the JPSO and Christopher Bassil, an 8-year-veteran of the JPSO.

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