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When the Sewerage and Water Board repair crew arrived at the Camellia Grill Friday it was the answer to a plea for manager Ronnie Jaeger.

'I was very shocked, and very surprised,' he said. 'I'm very happy that you got on them,. and got them out here.'

Jaeger wasn't happy at the time of the first Action Report a few days ago. Not only was a persistent water leak staining the sidewalk green withn algae, and leading to mosquito problems, Jaeger worried someone would slip, fall, and hurt themselves. He was tired of waiting for help.

'It's been over two years now that this leak has been going on,' he said.

I told him I would ask the Sewerage and Water Board tio fix the leak as quickly as possible. Well, he couldn't believe just how fast they responded.

'About half an hour to 45 minutes I believe,' said Jaeger. 'They came not too long after you left.'

'Oh we love this,' grinned Camellia Grill staffer Equine Robinson. 'One day you come out here, the next day, they're out here. Now they come and bust it up, about to fix the problem.'

Employees and customers were thrilled to see the repair crew go to work to fix the leak.

'Every Friday morning I come and I clean up the algae off the ground,' said Robinson. 'I mean it's not a major problem, not for us, but for customers.'

Soon this long standing problem will be forgotten.

'I saw you on television yesterday, and we came in here today, and then now you're here today, so wonderful job,' said customer Christine Landry.

'I'm very pleased yes,' grinned Jaeger. Crew members said they would expedite replacement of the cement they removed to minimize the inconvenience to customers.

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