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KENNER, La. -- Steve Caraway's days are numbered as Kenner's top cop.

His second and final term as the police chief of Louisiana's sixth largest city ends Monday.

Wednesday, the Jefferson Parish Council honored his 37 years in law enforcement with a special proclamation.

Jefferson Parish Councilman Ben Zahn took the podium to read the proclamation.

'The council wishes to recognize and commend Chief Caraway for his many outstanding contributions to the citizens of the city of Kenner and the parish of Jefferson on the occasion of his retirement from office as chief of the Kenner Police Department.'

Caraway joined the department in 1977, following a three-year tour of duty as a military police officer in the United States Marine Corps. He rose through the ranks to become commander of the Narcotics and Criminal Division, chief investigator and longtime KPD spokesman.

The chief thanked the council for the proclamation.

'I've been fortunate to work with most of you on this council and that's truly what I'm going to miss,' Caraway. said 'I tell people all the time, it's the clowns, not the circus that I'll miss. I wish you all the best. I'm not going anywhere. I'll be around.'

Caraway's replacement is retired, veteran Kenner Police Department Commander Michael Glaser. He was automatically elected Kenner police chief when no one else qualified to run for the position.

So, what's next for Caraway? He said he may open a fishing camp with some business partners.

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