HOUMA, La. - A 27-year-old woman was arrested on child desertion charges after police said they found her 21-month-old child locked inside of a hot car in the parking lot of a grocery store Monday.

According to Houma Police officers responded to a call of a child locked inside of a vehicle and found the car not running and the child inside.

When the mother, identified as Cara Dubois, walked to the car, she unlocked the door and the child appeared to be in good health.

Police said Ms. Dubois told them she left the child inside the locked car with the vehicle running and went inside to buy some cigarettes and pay some bills.

Police said later that it was learned that the vehicle shuts off after 10 minutes. Police said the car was hot when the child was taken out.

Ms. Dubois was arrested and charged for child desertion. She was transported to the parish jail to be incarcerated awaiting trial or bond. The child was transported to the Houma Police Department and released to its father.

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