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NEW ORLEANS -- You sure don't want your car to hit this deep sinkhole on Lowerline just off Claiborne, but neighbors say it has happened.

'Oh definitely, and I go, this is ridiculous, but you know what, they're not aware of it,' said Ardyn Thriffley.

A large section of the concrete street has broken and sunk at least a foot and a half.

A passing garbage truck caused the street to shudder and sink further.

'It's more like two years that we're really seen it grow,' said Thomas Uskali. 'It's gone from just noticeable to pretty dramatic, and that for us as neighbors is very worrying.'

'And this thing, we know that there's kids right here, and we have a child as well,' said Dimitri Papadopoulos. 'We wouldn't want this in front of our house.'

But now it is getting worse, and they're still waiting. They're fed up.

'It is absolutely a safety hazard,' said Ardyn.

'They keep saying well we can't do anything, we can't do anything, we don't have the money,' said Jan Wootan. 'I just feel like our city is somewhat failing us. This is not a pothole. I mean potholes are terrible in the city of New Orleans, but this is a sinkage, this is a cave in.'

Now wouldn't this be a great park bench if only it were in a park? But as a street, it is deplorable, it needs to be fixed. So I'm contacting the New Orleans Department of Public Works and the Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board to get both out here to figure out what's broken under here, which agency is responsible, and to make sure they get it fixed.

A spokesman for the mayor said it will cost $8,000 to $12,000 to repair a broken pipe and fix the street, adding the city is looking for funds for this and other projects.

That's not what residents want to hear.

'We deserve as a neighborhood and residents that are contributing to this community to have that done,' Thriffley said.

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