NEW ORLEANS Police are exploring to see if there is a connection between the body of a woman that was found shot and burned in New Orleans East and a recent home invasion of a police officer's home.

The coroner's office said 28-year-old Ayanna Woodward of Santa Ana, California was the woman whose body was discovered two days after the home invasion. Police said she also went by the aliases of Alicia Smith and Alicia Green.

The NOPD is identifying her as Alicia Green.

Her body was found on June 30 in a remote area near I-10 and Michoud Blvd.

The home invasion took place two days earlier. An eyewitness said a woman walked up to the police officer's home while four men hid behind a brick wall.

When the officer's son answered the door, sources said the men tried to get inside. Police said the young man yelled for his mother, who armed herself and fired at the intruders. She was critically wounded when they shot back.

Officers have since arrested two suspects Aranton Johnson and Brandon Tucker for the home invasion, but have not released a name on the female person of interest in the video.

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