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NEW ORLEANS -- Saints game security details are being impacted by the federally mandated NOPD consent decree.

According to a city spokesperson, a special exemption had to be filed by attorneys giving off-duty officers the greenlight to work Friday night's home game against the Titans.

'Why did the Saints go to training camp? We gotta train also. We gotta set up. Make sure everything is working,' said Saints fan Larry Mathieu.

Like clockwork these dedicated Saints fans show up hours before game time setting up tents, grills and music, decked out in their signature black and gold.

'I love the Saints! I love 'em,' said Lois Sims.

'It don't take but a can of beer and a bag of chips for us to have a party. We have a good time,' said Marcus Duronslet.

Who Dat fans flocking to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Friday night took in the sights and sounds at Champions Square. They navigated security lines, inching their way into the Mercedes-Benz Superdome while off-duty NOPD officers provide extra security.

The city of New Orleans confirms attorneys had to file a request for a one-time exemption to consent decree rules regulating the maximum hours an officer can work per day.

Under the new consent decree, NOPD officers can only work 16 hours during a 24-hour period. A spokesperson from the city confirms weeknight games make it tricky to follow the mandate.

The city says the feds approved the waiver only for the Saints-Titans game. With a handful of weeknight games scheduled during the regular season at the Superdome, the city will likely have to figure out off-duty details moving forward.

The Police Association of New Orleans, or PANO, confirms to Eyewitness News that NOPD officers are shying away from picking up details with the Office of Secondary Employment because of federally mandated consent decree changes to pay and hours.

For example, at the Superdome PANO confirms officers who have been covering games are seeing a paycut from $32/hr to about $29/hr. The Superdome also requires a certain number of officers on game days.

As the city and NOPD officers work to iron out security details at the Superdome under the new consent decree, Saints fans are focusing their energy on one thing: the black and gold making it to Arizona next February.

'We're going to the Super Bowl. We are going to win. We are Super Bowl-bound,' said Sims.

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