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LAKEVIEW,La. -- Starting Tuesday, residents near the Orleans Avenue canal are being warned they'll have to work around the burdens of a construction project for the next 30 days.

The affected area is Lakeshore Drive between Marconi and the Mardi Gras fountain.

The work is to create a stronger pumping system that will get water out of the canal faster and have gates to prevent surge from Lake Pontchartrain. It's one of three permanent canal closure and pump projects underway right now.

So far, resident Sabrina Pena hasn't appreciated the truck traffic, machinery sounds or pile driving vibrations, especially the ones that continue after dark during the 24/7 operation.

'They've been working very late, so I have to get the kids home and it's hard to get into the routine of getting them into bed on time,' she said.

Nearby residents will have to deal with one lane closed in both directions on Lakeshore Drive starting Tuesday. The closure will also affect visitors that walk and bike on the lakefront.

But the Army Corps of Engineers says the contractor is taking extra steps to make the change easier to bear.

'On the weekends, when people are out here enjoying the lakefront, the contractors going to have additional people out here with flags and just directing people around so everyone can move around safely,' said Army Corps of Engineers spokesman Rene Poche.

Residents say the long-term protection is worth the short-term aggravation.

'We don't want more Katrina, what happened with Katrina before,'Pena said. 'Definitely, if it's good for the community, we can hold on for that and be a little more patient.'

This project, along with the one at 17th Street and London Street canals, is expected to have a total completion date of 2017.

The London Avenue project is also expected to have closures along Lakeshore with it. That work could start as early as this week.

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