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NEW ORLEANS -- Former New Orleans Mayor and convicted felon Ray Nagin is officially in the hands of a public defender.

On Wednesday, Federal judge Ginger Berrigan granted a request from defense attorney Robert Jenkins to drop Nagin as a client because he considered Nagin 'indigent'.

In filings for assistance from the Federal Public Defender's office, more details are emerging about Nagin's financial problems, including the fact the former mayor is on food stamps.

The story of Ray Nagin's financial crisis is practically penned in his own handwriting. In court filings, Nagin wrote $23.65 as the amount he has in his banking account.

In a section asking the applicant to describe 'other money sources' Nagin writes, 'We receive $360/month in food stamps. And friends and family give us gifts and loans of around $500/month. We are hopeful this continues.'

'We know Ray Nagin has no money, we know he's on public assistance, we know that he's busted,' said legal analyst Chick Foret.

Foret says Nagin's desperate money situation flows from the expenses from his federal corruption trial. Hiring a high-powered attorney like Robert Jenkins didn't come cheap. To appeal Nagin's conviction on more than 20 counts of corruption, Jenkins needed more money, which is why he dropped Nagin as a client.

'Ray Nagin does not have the resources to continue paying Robert Jenkins, or anyone else. The good news for Ray Nagin is that the federal public defender's office in the Eastern District of Louisiana under Claude Kelly is a high quality office,' said Foret.

Foret has learned that Nagin will likely be represented by public defense attorney Jordan Siverd.

Foret said the public defender's office will give Nagin solid representation, at virtually no cost. After the revelations in the court documents, it's perhaps the only option the New Orleans' former mayor can afford.

Nagin will have to appeal his conviction from federal prison, which is where he'll report to on Monday.

WWL-TV will have live coverage from Texarkana when Nagin heads to prison.

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