NEW ORLEANS -- You may not know the halftime 'Stand Up and Get Crunk' song by the Ying Yang Twins, but if you've spent any time in the 'Dome this season, you've heard it.

'Oh the place goes crazy. Everybody gets up dancing,' said Dana Yuratich, a Saints fan.

The song is played when the Saints kickoff team takes the field, but only after Saints touchdowns. This means you've heard it a bunch this year with this team, and the second it begins, the party is on.

'The crowd goes nuts. It's a fun song,' said Luke Fontenberry, a Saints fan. The guys are excited on the kickoffs and the fans, all of them are up jumping and screaming. That's why I sound like I do.'

To some fans, the song adds to their extraordinary experience.

'Unreal! Goosebumps galore,' said Karen Porche

For some fans, it's a game within a game, and number one fan contests may be in order.

'The crowd just lights up. I mean it's amazing,' said Robert Gobert, a Saints fan. 'I mean the person sitting next to me; we were having contests on who screams the loudest.'

It's one of those moments that transcend age, gender, and race. It's all about the groove.

'From kids to older adults, you see them all getting up dancing, showing their black and gold in true colors,' said Yuratich.

The 'Get Crunk' song might be played to pump up the fans but the Saints players can't help but feel it and feed off of it too.

'Man, the stadium gets loud,' said Saints safety Usama Young. 'It gets electric in there and you got that bass going.'

Even the players enjoy the musical experience and find it to be perfect motivation.

'We get to bouncing around, we get excited man,' said Young. 'You know we feed off the energy of the crowd.'

In the end, it's all about getting lost in the game.

'It's fun. Music comes on -- you're getting hyped up, the crowds' into it,' said Saints cornerback Malcolm Jenkins. It's just fun with me. I like to have fun with it.'

The lyrics include the line 'Here we come to get you,' which is the only thing on the minds of the Saints when they're on the field.

'As a kickoff team, we go out and we like 'oh it's time to knock some heads off,'' said Young. 'Hey, we hunting today. We hunting, we're coming to get 'em.'

Because it's a song played after Saints' touchdowns, it's one of those tunes you likely won't get tired of.

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