Programming Note: Thanks to the Thursday night game followed by a Monday night game, the schedule for the media has been slightly askew. So 'Where the Saints Rank' is running on late Wednesday instead of earlier in the day Wednesday, when it will normally run.

The rankings that you care about
Total offense (308 yards) 15th
Rush offense (79 yards) 22nd
Pass offense (229 yards) 12th

Total defense (253 yards) 6th
Rush defense (91 yards) 13th
Pass defense (162 yards) 8th

A ranking the coaches care about
Take-aways / Give-aways (plus-1) Tied for 3rd
-- 1 Interception, 0 Fumble Recoveries --
-- 0 Thrown Interceptions, 0 Lost Fumbles

Rankings etc.
First-down plays/offense 27 plays, averaging 4.26 yards per play (NFL ave.=5.47 ypp)
First-down plays/defense 21 plays, averaging 6.38 yards per play (NFL ave.=5.47 ypp)

Individually speaking
Drew Brees 4th in completion percentage (75 percent)
11th in yards (237 yards)
8th in QB rating (101.3)
13th in 4th Quarter QB rating (94.6)
7th in 3rd-down passing (100.4)

Pierre Thomas 11th (tied) in yards (71)
Marques Colston 27th (tied) in receptions (5)
Reggie Bush 27th (tied) in receptions (5)
Marques Colston 30th (tied) in yards (62)
Pierre Thomas 5th (tied) for first downs recorded (7)

Alright, now it's up to you the reader. Does any of this surprise you? Not surprise you?

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