Katie Moore spoke by phone with WWL-TVanchor Angela Hill Sunday night, upon learning of Nash Roberts' passing. Here are her memories.

Nash Roberts was always the renaissance man to me.Not only a phenomenal weather man but a farmer, a beekeeper, a superb father.And I think the thing that stands out the most was the phenomenal relationship he had with his wife.And I remember interviewing him when he retired and he looked me straight in the eyes and said, 'I'm retiring to take care of my wife.'And he did until the day she died.Later when I interviewed him on his 90th birthday, he talked about Lydia and he cried.He still loved her. And so when I heard this today I said, 'Oh, they're together.'

His middle name was trust.If Nash Roberts said something, it was true.And he didn't need all the gizmos and electronics.It was the Magic Marker and his brain.And I hope people understood that behind that marker was a great deal of history and education about weather patterns.

He really was an authority.So even with his little simplistic marker, what he said was truth.I think, to have had the number of decades in this industry that he had, to have that trust to the very last day was a real statement.

I was thrilled and I was honored that he would come to work with us (at WWL-TV), because he truly was a legend.I was a little apprehensive at first, but he was such a down to earth, folksy and funny guy.Off the air, I think he was just a man of tremendous standards - for how he lived, for how he raised his kids, how he honored his wife and how he appreciated the industry he was in.And he did.

I think he would want people to say Nash Roberts was an honest man.And he was.
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