Bradley Handwerger / Sports Writer

NEW ORLEANS More than two weeks after Reggie Bush first raised eyebrows by tweeting 'It's been fun New Orleans' after the Saints picked up running back Mark Ingram in the draft, Bush said Saturday he regretted the tweet.

In town to host his annual football camp, Bush didn't shy away from answering questions about the tweet.

'Obviously sometimes you write things and you say things and it may come off the wrong way,' Bush said. 'It may be taken the wrong way. You may not even mean it that way or you may regret it. At the end of the day, I probably shouldn't have tweeted that and I probably shouldn't have said that.

'I'm sure a lot of people took it the wrong way and I apologize to the city of New Orleans if they have.'

When asked to elaborate on what he meant by saying people 'took it the wrong way,' Bush said he wouldn't try to explain it any further because 'the more you try to explain it, the bigger hole you dig.'

However, he did say it wasn't done out of frustration.

To that end, Bush said he doesn't see the Saints' drafting of Ingram as a hindrance to a future in New Orleans.

In fact, Bush sees Ingram as a complementary back to him, one who can help extend his career.

'Definitely,' Bush said. 'Obviously we're two different players, two different style players so we can definitely help each other. We'll see what happens, you know.'

The two former Heisman Trophy winners have talked since the draft, with Bush passing on advice to the youngster.

'I told him to make sure he enjoys just being in the NFL and it sucks that he has to deal with the lockout right away going into his rookie year,' Bush said. 'I told him to enjoy his time. He has worked hard to get here and he deserves to be here.'

Both players are represented by agent Joel Segal, a fact that some think could play against Bush.

However, the soon-to-be sixth-year player sees it differently, though he admits he's unsure if it's good or bad in the long run.

'Obviously everybody has a different opinion about having a player in the same position represented by the same agent going to the same team,' Bush said. 'I don't know because this is my first time dealing with it. I think Joel is a great agent and I'm happy he has Joel. At least I know he'll be taken care of.'

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