We spent some time at the Alario Center this afternoon taking in Monty Williams' youth basketball camp.

While we knew Williams would be dispensing his knowledge upon the youth of New Orleans, we didn't expect to see Hornets GM Dell Demps getting into the action.

Boy did he, though!

He's the man in the middle dressed in a black shirt and black shorts.

Whistle in his hand and ready to be used, Demps taught those at the camp some defensive fundamentals, including diving for loose balls, jumping for blocked shots and having fun. Yeah, you read that right.

Demps had the campers' complete attention as he tried to decide which group would win the 'contest.'

Honestly, I've never seen him look happier or like he was having more fun.

Sure, he enjoys his big money job with the NBAfranchise.

But with his khaki pants exchanged for athletic shorts and his nuclear launch-code carrying briefcase on the sideline in exchange for a whistle, something tells me the gym provided unbridled joy for the first time in a long while.

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