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One of the big diet killers for so many people is late night snacking. Often that temptation sets in as you finish your daily routine and settle in to watch your favorite television show or ballgame. The mind begins to wander as you sit on that couch, relax and feel the need to have that just one snack to satisfy you before bed.

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If this happens to you, then you are not alone. Having a sugary or carb-filled snack right before bedtime can significantly kill an otherwise healthy day. It can sit in your body as your metabolism slows and take longer for your body to break down as you sleep.

The July edition of Muscle & Body Magazine tackled this important issue for dieters. The article discusses how late night snacks, or even snacks throughout the day, should have high protein contents and much fewer carbs and sugar. Since protein helps in the building of muscle mass, it is much better for your body to absorb overnight.

The author discussed snacks to avoid close to bedtime, and I agree with their assessment of the most common pitfalls for people needing that late night fix. Their, and my, top five foods to avoid at bedtime are:

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