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NEW ORLEANS -- Police continued their search for the driver of a motorcycle that killed 3-year-old Asia Williams in New Orleans East Monday night.

The hit and run happened on a residential street as a group of motorcycles swept through a neighborhood 4th of July gathering.

Tire tracks marked the white, concrete pavement at the exact spot where the motorcyclist struck Williams on Dinkins Street.

'Everybody was outside, you know, it was 4th of July and everybody was in a celebratory state and whatever. It just happened so fast,' said Andre Taylor, a resident of Dinkins Street who saw the crash happen. 'We was boiling crawfish, eating. The kids were talking and playing and enjoying theirselves (sic),' said another witness who didn't want to be identified.

She said kids on the block play together regularly because it's a quiet, residential street with no cut-through traffic.

'Her mom was just running out the door as it happened,' she said.

'Just as the little girl was getting ready to cross the street, a motorcade of motorcycles came through,' Taylor said.

New Orleans Police Lt. Melvin Howard said, 'She heard some noise of motors being revved up. She was standing near the front bumper of the vehicle. She leaned forward peeking out from behind that vehicle.'

The tire tracks on Dinkins St. show where as many as five motorcycles were doing tricks. Witnesses said some sped down the street.

According to police, one of the motorcycle drivers came down from popping a wheelie and hit Williams.

'He clipped her. And when he smashed her, that's when she helicoptered in the air and landed right over there,' Taylor said.

'It's horrible. I mean, it's just a tragedy,' the other neighbor said.

The crash was so violent it left pieces of the motorcycle behind. Witnesses said the driver didn't even break stride -- he just took off down the street afterwards.

'Turned around and looked and kept going,' Taylor said.

Friends attached a stuffed animal to a tree in honor of Williams. And as loved ones continued to mourn Monday, police continued searching for the man responsible.

'You seen what you done. You felt what you done. Do you even have any remorse to what you done?' asked the neighbor.

Despite the crowd of people who witnessed the hit-and-run, police still hadn't identified the driver by 5 p.m Tuesday.

Investigators said they did talk to three motorcyclists at the scene.

'We're appealing to the public to come forward with any information that they may have regarding the death of this young child,' Howard said.

Police were looking for a blue and white Suzuki GSXR 1000 racing bike Tuesday. Call Crimestoppers with any information at (504) 822-1111.

According to police, seven of 22 fatal crashes in 2011 involved motorcycles.

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