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NEW ORLEANS -- A pair of former New Orleans Saints are speaking out about the Penn State sex abuse scandal.

Rich Mauti was a running back and wide receiver who played under the legendary Joe Paterno at Penn State.

Wednesday, the 84-year-old Paterno announced he will retire at the end of the season.

Mauti, now a real estate entrepreneur in Mandeville outside of New Orleans, sent two of his sons to the university. One is currently a linebacker there.

'It's a great institution, a great university and people have gone on to do great, great things, incredible things,' said Mauti.

But, Mauti admits child sex abuse allegations involving one of his former coaches makes him sick to his stomach.

'Totally unacceptable and just gut-wrenching that nothing had been done along the way,' said Mauti. 'I am distraught with the incident and what has occurred. I'm distraught at the way Joe has to walk away from this, Right, wrong or indifferent.'

Mauti sent more than 800 emails to former Nittany Lion players to encourage them to stand with him on the sideline at Saturday's Penn State-Nebraska game.

He said he wants to show his support for the students and student athletes now going through a tough time.

'Those kids that are playing, they don't deserve this,' said Mauti. 'Those students that are going to that university, trying to make it and get an education, they don't deserve to be thrown under the carpet and take the wrath of all of this from one man's actions and some other's inaction.'

Mauti said so far he's heard from about 75 former players who expect to be at the game.

Meanwhile, another former Saint, Heath Evans, tweeted a picture of him wearing a T-shirt of boxer Mike Tyson knocking out an opponent. The caption read, 'My shirt accurately depicts what I feel like doing to everyone involved in this PSU scandal!'

'The epidemic of child sexual abuse is destroying the youth of America, period, the end,' Evans told WWL radio. 'I hate to say it, and I hate the fact that this scandal has given me a platform to scream from the mountain top what's been going on forever.'

Evans has a foundation that fosters hope and healing to sex abuse victims.

He said that Paterno and Penn State officials would have handled the abuse claims differently if it was their kids who were being abused.

'The Penn State Police Department knew about this and didn't do anything about it,' said Evans. 'This is a corrupt system that needs to be brought down.'

Rich Mauti says with Paterno now retiring, you can't take away his records or his place in college football history.

'You can't take away what he's accomplished. Those are the facts. They're in the record books and what he's done for that university,' said Mauti. 'Certainly that asterisk is going to be huge, and that's sad.'

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