Mike Hoss / Eyewitness News

ATLANTA, GA For many LSU fans in RVs, home is just a short drive away and for those who bleed Purple and Gold, the parking lot right next to the Georgia Dome will be home for the next few days as the Tigers prepare for the SEC Championship game.

A bit chilly and perhaps a bit weary from the travel, the hearty and enthusiastic Tiger fans were already in tailgating mode on Thursday, two days before kickoff.

The RV lot was filling up more and more by the minute and with a national championship and an SEC title in sight, the holiday spirit was overflowing.

'It doesn't get any better than this,' exclaimed Chad Lockfield, an LSU fan. 'We love traveling with the team. We really do.'

It is in the parking lot that LSU fans will rule and it is there that you can find George Boudreaux, of Boudreaux Butt Paste fame. A huge Tiger fan, Boudreaux has traveled with the team for nearly 40 years and he says Atlanta is always a popular destination.

'This is not really an away game for us,' he said. 'Of course, we're playing Georgia so you can't say we have a home field advantage, but we have a lot of LSU alumni here. It's probably our third largest location in the country.'

Tiger fans are just getting ready - a win away from a title, two wins away from the grand prize.

'We're going to party hardy because we know we will win,'said Darlene Olano. 'Then we will party hardy in New Orleans for the big game.'

'We've been through a lot of lean years, us older guys,'said Dick Olano. 'It's fun when you're winning. It's a lot more fun. We have a good time when we lose, but we have a lot more fun when we win.'

This year, it's been the only feeling LSUfans have known.

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