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JEFFERSON, La. -- Jefferson Parish neighbors will have to wait at least another week to find out if curbside recycling will return for the first time since Hurricane Katrina.

Wednesday, the parish council was supposed to select a company to pick up the recyclables and decide how often it should be collected and the size of the recycle bin residents would use.

But the council delayed the vote after a lengthy debate over how to pay for the service.

'I will not vote on anything unless I get a feel that the people of Jefferson Parish want a recycling program and I will vote for which ever one is the cheapest,' said District 2 Councilman Elton Lagasse.

'I do believe there is a way for us to cover the cost of recycling without having to ask for residents to pay more,' said Jefferson Parish Council Chairman Chris Roberts .

Parish Chief Operating Officer Christopher Cox suggested people who use the recycling service should cover the cost.

Proposals from different vendors ranged in price from $1.59 to $5.00 per household, per month.

'Is there another way to fund it?' said Cox. 'There very well may be. But, you're taking money away from other things and other services. Our recommendation is to pass it along.'

The parish council pushed the administration to find revenue in the budget to pay for the service, rather than charge users an extra fee.

Jefferson Parish President John Young agreed to use an $800,000 savings from a public works project to fund the recycling program for now.

Going forward, he hopes the money will come from a landfill millage up for renewal next year.

'Right now, I think we have a way to fund the return of recycling to Jefferson Parish and to provide that service to our citizens,' said Young.

The JP Council now plans to vote on recycling at a special meeting on Dec. 15.

Vendors now vying for the business include Waste Management, IESI, Waste Pro, Allied Waste and Richard's Disposal which now collects recyclables in New Orleans.

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