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METAIRIE, La. ― Pull up any web page dedicated to NFL coverage and one of the first things that stands out is the expected score of the Saints' postseason wild card game against Detroit.

It's high, no doubt about it.

And for New Orleans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, it's upsetting.

'I grit my teeth but it is what it is,' Williams said.

He also has been in the league long enough to realize that his defense isn't alone in having to shut down the big offenses.

'You look at the league this year and there are some really good defenses that have had to play these high-flying games this year because the league likes that, the fans like that,' Williams said.

The Saints, though, might have something to say about this. They haven't allowed more than 20 points in a month and own the league's fifth-best third-down defense.

Still, Detroit boasts the No. 5 offense in the NFL and the best receiver in the game, a player whose nickname is Megatron.

A week ago, these same Lions got into a shootout with the Green Bay Packers, the team most associated with the Saints' style of play.

'Of course on the outside looking in it's going to look like a shootout,' Saints safety Roman Harper said. 'But defensively, we've just got to be prepared to shut these guys down and limit these guys and get our offense back on the field as much as possible and let Drew and those guys do their thing.'

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