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NEW ORLEANS - Downtown New Orleans was packed Sunday with fans in town for one of the most anticipated rematches in college football.

The French Quarter was full of festivities as the countdown to theBCS National Championship continues.

With the sun glinting off its brass instruments, the LSU band rocked the rooftop of Jax Brewery, getting the purple and gold revved up before the Tigers once again take on the Crimson Tide, this time in Tiger territory.

'I hope LSU wins, that way the city will just erupt,' said Clarance Williams of New Orleans.

The area outside Jax Brewery became a sea of purple and gold as hundreds of Tigers cheered the team on at a pep rally Sunday afternoon. Tigers said the turnout melted any doubts about Monday's game.

'I really think now that I'm down in New Orleans and I see how many fans are supporting LSU, I know we're going to take care of business, I have no worry,' said Alison Pourciau, an LSU grad student from Baton Rouge.

And the excitement continued to mount Sunday as fans geared up for the big game.

Of course, Tigers fans gave 'Bama fans their fair share of grief.

Alabama fans second lined down Decatur Street, as LSU fans yelled 'Tiger Bait!'

One group of LSU fans placed a dummy in an Alabama jersey onto a stretcher.

Meanwhile, second cousins Haley LaGrange and Hannah Moore rooted for opposing teams.

'I've been an LSU fan since I was since I was born, and I'm a huge LSU fan,' said LaGrange, 12, of New Orleans.

'We're going to beat ya'll,' she added, looking at her cousin.

'Alabama's going to win,' said Moore, 11, of Diamondhead, MS. 'I love Alabama and I'm pretty sure they will.'

Alabama also had its time to shine Sunday. Thousands of fans turned out for the Crimson Tide's own pep rally at fan fest.

And to top off fan fest, and give LSU and 'Bama fans something they could both cheer for, Cee Lo Green played a free show.

And even though New Orleans is LSU's playground, 'Bama fans agree no city can host a big party like the Big Easy.

'It's amazing, it's amazing, it's an experience that you just can't have anywhere else, so it's pretty neat,' said Kimberly Randolph, an Alabama alum from Pickens County, AL.

'There's nothing like New Orleans,' said John Moore, an Alabama fan from Diamondhead, MS. 'You know you could go to Pasadena like two years ago when we were in the National Championship, the atmosphere's not the same. New Orleans got that special atmosphere.'

Fans say it's an atmosphere that, no matter who you're rooting for, can't be beat.

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