Scott Satchfield / Eyewitness News

NEWORLEANS- Over the last few years, it's been an industry on the rise in the city, and moving into 2012, the New Orleans film community continues expanding.

'We're just kind of getting the numbers in for last year's economic impact, and so we're looking right at $531 million, which are dollars spent locally here, in our economy, hiring our locals, visiting our local businesses,' said Katie Williams, Director of Film New Orleans, the city's film office.

Forty-six productions with budgets of more than $300,000 called New Orleans home last year and seven projects are already underway in 2012, Williams said.

The Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans East has become a major hub of activity.

Another big budget film, 'Ender's Game,' is set to begin production there in a few weeks, using the space now being used by Big Easy Studios.

'They'll be here for over a year. So, it's really an opportunity to get the economic benefit of having the crew and infrastructure and materials and space leased, but it takes a little bit of the burden off our neighborhoods,' Williams said.

From New Orleans East to other parts of the city, the film industry continues to thrive locally, officials said.

'Everyone in L.A. either has been here to shoot a movie, or knows someone who has, and speaks highly of it,' Williams said. 'They know they can get what they need. They know the neighborhoods welcome them. They know what's expected of them with our office, and it's a pretty seamless process with them.'

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