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CHALMETTE, La. It began as a meeting of St. Bernard Parish officials acting as peacemakers, but it ended in a brawl that sent three people to the hospital.

Four defendants are now slated for misdemeanor trials Wednesday.

St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Greg Hauck and former Wildlife and Fisheries Agent Desi Fulmer are neighbors.

They're also feuding neighbors. So, when the two had a dispute over where to draw a boundary between their properties in Toca, they brought in some mediators.

'It's almost comical because it hadn't gotten to a physical point until so-called peace officers got involved,' said Fulmer.

According to a police report, the scuffle broke out following a failed meeting that involved a constable, justice of the peace and sheriff's office major.

Fulmer stayed away to avoid a confrontation. Instead, he was marking his property to put up a fence. That's when Hauck drove up in a huff.

'By that time Major Rousselle had pulled up, and the constable and justice of the peace all in tow behind,' said Fulmer.

Witnesses on both sides say the first punch came from Hauck's son, Greg Hauck Jr. By the time the dust settled, Hauck Sr. was knocked unconscious. His son was arrested by deputies called to the scene. Desi Fulmer and his brother John went to the hospital with minor injuries, where they, too, were arrested.

'It is unusual. And it's sad that these things spill over into this,' said Chief Deputy Jimmy Pohlman.

Pohlman couldn't say much about the case because of the pending criminal charges and an ongoing, pending internal investigation of Hauck.

Hauck's attorney Alan Bouterie says his client is innocent. He says the deputy never raised a fist in the fight, yet ended up in the hospital for two days.

Pohlman, who considers both Fulmer and Hauck friends, says he can only hope the two men can ultimately resolve their differences.

'They're both good guys,' he said. 'They're just not good neighbors to one another, I guess.'

Hauck and his son, along with the Fulmer brothers, all face charges of disturbing the peace by fighting. The State Attorney General's Office is prosecuting the case after the St. Bernard DA's office recused itself.

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