Don Dubuc / Fishing Expert

Today the strong south and southwest winds made it feel like March instead of April. For anglers interested in some springtime top water speckled trout action that presented problems on two fronts. One it dirties up the water slowing down the trout feeding activity and two, it causes a visibility problem when presenting those floating surface baits.

Captain Theophile Bourgeois of Bourgeois Charters had been working over a shore of Lafitte's Little Lake catching good numbers of specks in the 12-18' size for several days and hoped that it being a lee shore would continue to produce trout even if only during prime top water morning hours. Using the surrounding dirty water as a plus we were able to locate stretches of clear water over grass beds that were loaded with bait-sized mullets the perfect storm for topwater action. Most surprising was the fact that as the sun climbed higher and the wind blew harder the more active and the larger the size of the trout became.

With the exception of 1 or 2 fish caught on a soft plastic under a popping cork our three man 40 trout came on a variety of Bomber Pa-donk-a-donk top water baits. Blue and chartreuse, green with pink, bone and a natural mullet color all caught fish. Today a slower than normal twitch and pause presentation provoked the most blowups.

If you're interested in trying Lafitte this weekend for top water trout, here's what Theophile says you'll need to find:

1) Clear water on a lee shore.

2) Either tidal or wind-driven water

3) Mullet, pogeys or other bait fish in the area (Tip diving birds can lead you to the fish).

Remember to set the hook hard!

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