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NEW ORLEANS - Drew Brees isn't just known in New Orleans for football, the Saints quarterback has become a local businessman. He owns a Jimmy John's franchise location, where he's been known to stop in and greet fans, and now he and his wife Brittany are starting an 'apparel venture.'

'We think it's going to create jobs, we think it's going to create revenue, but it also could have a tremendous impact on our city and leveraging the brand coming out of the city of New Orleans,' said The Idea Village CEO Tim Williamson.

Brees created the idea in partnership with The Idea Village, a non-profit that helps local entrepreneurs start businesses. Williamson noted that Drew presented this business dream in 2009.

'He really came here and said look I'm not here as a football player, I'm here as an entrepreneur and here's my idea,' recalled Williamson. 'And we sat in one of the Idea Village brainstorm rooms, which has whiteboard paint all around it, and we brainstormed for two and a half hours on his vision.'

More exciting perhaps, to any entrepreneur wanting an opportunity, is that Drew and Brittany are looking for a partner. The job description for the Apparel CEO is stated as 'an experienced manager with apparel experience to develop, launch and manage a brand with Brittany and Drew Brees.'

'Here's an opportunity for an entrepreneur to be part of a global business with an incredible leader and be partners with Drew and Brittany, but you get to grow it from the beginning,' noted Williamson.

A group of Harvard MBA students developed an undisclosed business plan for the apparel venture, and they've left many possibilities open for the new hire. The specifics of the apparel company have not been released.

'There's no idea of the style,' Williamson said. 'I think it's more of the way it makes you feel, the brand about what they're building and launching. This is a brand that could be connected to any type of apparel, any type of things. But you're starting a new company that has the spirit of what Drew and Brittany are all about, but it's also the spirit of New Orleans.'

Williamson said Drew was clear that he wanted this to be a New Orleans based business. CEO applicants must live in New Orleans or be willing to move to New Orleans. The deadline to apply is June 5, 2012.

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