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MYRTLE GROVE, La. - Picking up dirt and putting down Hesco baskets - that's how crews spent the day in Myrtle Grove on Monday.

The Hesco baskets will line a 3-mile stretch of Highway 23, the same low lying area that flooded in 2011 during Tropical Storm Lee.

It's a critical roadway because it's the only evacuation route for some parts of the parish.

Officials feared Tropical Storm Debby would flood it again, but now that it no longer appears to be a threat for this area, Plaquemines officials said this was a good opportunity to shore up storm protection.

The Hesco baskets will stay in place through hurricane season, and so will sandbags put in place Sunday along a parish levee.

Parish officials said part of Highway 23 in Venice flooded, with high tides, but the water is receding a bit.That area will eventually be raised.

In Myrtle Grove, the levees will eventually be doubled in height to become part of the federal protection system.

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