Ashley Rodrigue / Eyewitness News
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The record-breaking temperatures across the area Tuesday had people running for shade and water.

And on the northshore, whether you wanted to be in the heat or had to be, sun safety was key.

At a summer camp, kids were still given play time outside, but those activities required mandatory breaks and were staggered with indoor activities.

A plumbing crew working on new home construction brought their own shade for work directly under the sun and had fans on hand to keep air moving through the unfinished house, when working under the roof.

But one man running a vegetable stand in Slidell said he knows how to handle the heat and isn't bothered by it.

'It's just the idea this is summer time, it's almost July,' Larry Alberez said.'July and August are the worst months of the year.'

Predictions for Tuesday and the rest of the week caught the attention of forecasters at the National Weather Service Office in Slidell.

'It could get potentially worse with the combination of the heat, as well as the increase in humidity, which could make for some unbearable heat indexes in the afternoon going toward the weekend,' NWSLead Forecaster Robert Ricks said.

Emergency responders in the northshore area said so far they haven't received any heat-related calls so it seems people are taking care of themselves.

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