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GRAND ISLE, La.-- At Iris Doucet's camp on Grand Isle, a Fourth of July party was in full swing.

'Whoever can show up, they show up,' she said.

The get-together is an annual tradition that coincides with an increase in the island's population, as visitors and camp owners hit the beach and provide businesses there with a big chunk of their annual revenue.

'It's been like the summer before Katrina -- really, really amazing,' said Dodie Vegas of Bridgeside Marina. 'We rely on it. This is where we make our money, at this time of the year. If we don't make it in this time, we can't carry over to the winter months.'

This Fourth of July, though, could have encountered major problems because of a leak detected on Tuesday in the main line, which supplies water to the island. The 31-mile waterline runs from the Lafitte area, through Barataria Bay, down to Grand Isle.

On Wednesday morning, a diver was able to put a clamp on the leak. That allowed water to be pumped into storage tanks on the island, which hold about 2 million gallons.

'We look like we're just going to continue pumping because today is the 4th of July,' said Grand Isle Mayor David Camardelle. 'And also talking with our fire chief to make sure that we have enough water in case of fire.'

The clamp currently in place on the water line is a temporary solution. Crews plan to shut down the water line on Thursday for a more permanent fix.

'I can guarantee you're not going to run out of water. It's going to be safe,' Camardelle said. 'It's safe to drink and again, all I'm asking is to be a little ration with it because we are temporarily putting the water in. Don't waste the water.'

It is advice that Iris Doucet said she is taking to heart.

'We're just trying to conserve water because they asked us to,' she said. 'So, that's what we're doing.'

In addition to the 2 million gallons of water stored on Grand Isle, a barge containing 400,000 gallons of water is on standby in case it is needed on the island.

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