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OPINION: With all the jabbering on the Twitterverse, you'd think the most important thing going on the past few weeks is the annual rankings by and several other sources of the league's top players, specifically the league's top quarterbacks.

Several people seem to think it's absolute sacrilege to: A) Have Rodgers or Brees ahead of Tom Brady, B) To have, or not have Eli Manning in your top five and C) to have anyone ranked ahead of Drew Brees.

We know where Saints fans stand, but, my question is, why does it matter? And, what do the rankings mean? Does it mean QB XYZ is the best quarterback right now? If so, it makes sense that Peyton Manning is lower and that perhaps Brees and Rodgers are ahead of Brady. Does it mean who is the best over their career? If so, it makes sense to have Manning and Brady higher. If it means who has the most rings? Then it's Brady. If it means who is the most valuable to their team? Hard to argue against Brees in that case as Saints fans shudder at the thought of a season without him, while the Packers did pretty well with Matt Flynn late last year and the Pats a few years ago with Matt Cassel.

And, does it really matter who is best? And what does that mean? Perhaps there are horses for courses. Might not Peyton Manning have won in New England and Brady in Indianapolis? Wouldn't Brees have brought a title to Green Bay and Rodgers one here? Why isn't Ben Roethlisberger ever mentioned? He has two rings on a team that doesn't use the high-octane offense.

Is it Fantasy Points? In that case, I take Cam Newton. Brees will throw for more, but Newton will also get points for his legs.

My point is this. Who cares? I for one wouldn't want anyone other than number 9 under center. I think Brees has gotten a ton of respect. Just watch all those Fantasy owners who take him #1 or #2 this year. He's a Pro Bowl regular and will be the highest-paid player in the game. Because he didn't start out right away as a top player (in San Diego) and because his maturation into one of the game's best came in lockstep with the Saints maturation into one of the best franchises, only makes it the sweeter.

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