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AMITE, La. -- A difference of opinions did not stop the state's top education leader from bringing his pitch for education reform Wednesday to Tangipahoa Parish.

State Superintendent of Schools John White spoke at the Amite Chamber of Commerce luncheon, and while he received a warm welcome, kind questions did not follow, particularly about the voucher program.

The program, which would allow students in failing public schools to attend private and parochial schools using state education dollars, has garnered more than 10,000 student applications, but only has 7,400 potential available seats to offer.

Parents said they were glad to see White come to the table in Tangipahoa, anyway, despite the parish having one of 30 school boards across the state legally challenging the voucher program, among other things in the education reform package passed by the Legislature this past session.

White says any opinion is important when it comes to education in Louisiana, and local school leaders say they agree, because coming together just to talk can always lead to finding common ground.

'Not everyone agrees about every way we're going to get to a college education or a career for every child, but people are committed across our state to getting there,' White said.

Both hope to find that common ground by the start of the school year in August.

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