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Jonathan Vilma has asked Judge Helen G. Berrigan to expedite a hearing on a temporary restraining order that could determine whether he'll be able to play this season or not.

Peter Ginsberg, Vilma's lawyer, filed a motion in Eastern District Court of Louisiana on Monday asking for a Thursday hearing on a temporary restraining order he filed for in early July.

The move is the latest volley in what started out as a defamation lawsuit against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and has since been consolidated with the restraining order.

In the motion, Ginsburg argues that Vilma will 'suffer real, immediate and irreparable injury' if he's not allowed to play this season while his lawsuit makes its way through the system, which the injunction would do.

Vilma suffered a knee injury early in the 2011 season and ended up missing five games. He had surgery during the season and then again afterward and, according to motion to move up the injunction hearing, has been in Germany for 'extensive rehabilitative treatment.'

The motion goes on to say that 'there is no opportunity to 'make up' this lost time. Vilma will simply never have the ability to participate in these lost games and practices again.'

Vilma is serving a season-long suspension for his alleged role in what the NFL says was a three-year bounty program orchestrated by former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. According to the NFL, Vilma played not only a leadership role in it he offered $10,000 each for Kurt Warner and Brett Favre during the 2009 season playoffs.

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