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NEW ORLEANS -- Tulane University's football stadium development is still being met with mixed reaction.

An Uptown neighborhood association held an informational meeting of its own to have residents' questions and concerns addressed.

The forum was hosted by the Central Carrollton Association. Tulane has hosted information meetings in the past few months, but Thursday night some in the community organized their own meeting.

Inside the central St. Matthew United Church of Christ an intimate group of people me, wanting to hear more about Tulane's plans to build a 25,000 seat football stadium in their backyard.

'Parking will be an issue, drainage will be an issue for some areas that will be impacted, and people are concerned about lights and noise and things like that,' said Phyllis Jordan of the Central Carrollton Association.

Richard Hofler showed up to the meeting wanting to learn more about what Tulane is doing to work with its neighbors.

'I can hear the activities at the baseball stadium, which is a good size facility. If they build a football stadium it will be much larger and draw that many more people,' said Hofler, a Carrollton area resident. 'Noise is my concern.'

To alleviate parking and noise concerns, Tulane University officials told concerned community members that it must follow the city of New Orleans noise ordinance. The university is also looking at a park and ride shuttle system.

'To encourage shuttle use most of the time the ticket price, the price of parking will be built into your ticket.'

While many attending the meeting voiced frustrations with the new $60 million stadium, including worries that it will be used for other crowd-drawing events besides football, there were some residents like Delos Caton who say they're all for it.

'It's going to help the community, the restaurants, the retails stores on Freret, Maple, Oak, the Riverbend,' Caton said.

The Landrieu administration is ironing out what's being called an enforceable legal agreement with Tulane University and the city that will spell out what operations and activities can take place at the new stadium.

No word on when that will be completed.

Tulane also announced that it will be hosting another community forum at the university on Sept. 24 at 6 p.m.

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