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NEWORLEANS - New Orleans East was one of the hard hit areas of the city by Hurricane Katrina flooding.

Empty lots where apartment complexes once stood illustrate the continuing challenges of rebuilding in this area. However, residents are now noticing the two towers of Village de Jardin, a brand new complex.

A ribbon cutting for the new apartment complex will be held at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. The Louisiana Housing Corporation worked with FEMA on the $40 million project to bring housing back to the hurricane devastated area.

The 224-unit complex is designed for adults aged 55 and over. The two towers will have apartments, but the landscaped grounds are also dotted with town-homes and single family houses.

The one and two-bedroom apartments rent for $600 to $900 a month.

Designers geared the complex to meet the special needs of those approaching their retirement years.

'Especially for them, there are different types of facilities in the community. There are cottages. There are condos. There are flats. Every design itself was geared to make it easier for those 55 or older - elevators, open space, congregation room, etc. Those things that people of 55 and older when they want to get together that there will be opportunities to do that,' said Don Hutchinson of the Louisiana Housing Corporation.

So far, 50 of the apartments have been rented, another 24 tenants are about to move in and 24 people are in the process of signing up.

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