Clancy DuBos / Political Analyst

It's no surprise that Mitt Romney did not choose Governor Bobby Jindal as his running mate. Everyone on Romney's short list offered more to the GOP than Bobby Jindal.

It's also not surprising to hear Jindal say he has the job he wants. He's been saying that since John McCain passed him over four years ago.

What would be surprising is to see Jindal start acting as though he really wants to be governor, not just saying it. After all, there's no shortage of problems here in Louisiana.

For starters, he needs to fix his school voucher program. When little-known schools with low enrollments and questionable academic credentials get hundreds of vouchers, clearly there's a problem with screening the applications.

And while the governor wants to cut Medicaid spending, achieving that goal requires more than just tossing the problem on the table and asking others to solve it.

If nothing else, the fact that Jindal has now been passed over twice as a vice presidential candidate should teach him that it takes more than press releases and talking points to go national. The pipe dream is over, governor. It's time to get back to work.

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