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COVINGTON, La. -- It is the picture of a mother's love, as Anna plays with her baby daughter Desiree. But when Anna was pregnant, she didn't have anywhere to live, until she found shelter at Danielle Inn on the outskirts of Covington.

It was more than just a bed for her and Desiree. Danielle Inn helped change Anna's life.

'Danielle Inn was very important,' she said. 'It helped me to be able to get another job. It helped me to be able to finish high school, get my GED, and being able to look at college opportunities, and just being able to become a mom.'

The mission of Danielle Inn is to provide a shelter for unwed expectant mothers and to help them become self sufficient wage earners and mothers.

But it has been a tough year getting enough donations to meet expenses and avoid bankruptcy.

'It's been very difficult,' said Danielle Inn Executive Director Abby Shields. 'My faith has been what has gotten me through day by day, and God has provided our needs.'

Danielle Inn urgently needs help, from volunteers to washing machines to financial donations. So the Exchange Club of West St. Tammany is stepping in. Saturday night they're staging the second annual Ultimate Tailgating Party.

'We have two huge air conditioned tents, one for the auction and one for the dancing and partying,' said Jim Hingle of the Exchange Club.

The party features 250 auction items, including trips to Colorado, Destin and Costa Rica. And come hungry, as there will be plenty of barbecue to sample.

'We have 13 major barbecue people all competing for prizes,' Hingle said.

Shields called the event their 'major fundraiser.'

'Whatever we get from this is pretty much what we have to live on.'

Shields just moved out, and got promoted to be a manager at work.

For more information or tickets about Saturday's Ultimate Tailgate Party, call 1-985 898-1481, or you can send an email to or visit

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