Megan Danahey / Eyewitness News

ROBERT, La. -- In Robert, residents have watched the waters rise all day. The threat of a dam break had families searching for higher ground.

'You see where the trees are?That used to be a part of the bank,'said Michael Postalewait, an environmental sciences student.

Postalewait knows this river.

'I've studied river currents and it's never been as fast as it is now, so I always come out here to check on it when it's high,' he said.

He's not evacuating.

'Ichoose not to evacuate because I'm three miles from the river where Ilive,' Postalewait said.

Some of the residents turned to the Red Cross for shelter. Over at Hammond Junior High, the Red Cross is set up to help these local families.

'We have a large influx of people that are coming because of the evacuation of the possible breaching of the dam, and we also have families were here and road out the hurricane,'said JillBode of American Red Cross.

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