A picture on Facebook of a Braithwaite family, that has obviously suffered severe damage to their home, carrying out a large, signed Drew Brees jersey that was salvaged from their house, got tremendous reaction on's Facebook page.

It was shared hundreds of times and had more than 3,000 likes and 200 comments.

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The original posting said it was a picture of someone from the Guerra family that lost everything, but managed to save a water-damaged, signed, Drew Brees jersey.

Many, in this Saints-crazed area, offered support, while some questioned priorities.

'That guy really needs to evaluate his priorities,' posted Henry Arias.

But that post, and others like it, were quickly rebuked.

Kathleen Bickford Hodges said, 'Wait till you loose everything you have ever worked for in your entire life then see how it feels to salvage one item ..even if it is just one glass.....get a life dude !'

Keon Keedy Keeton, added, 'Just glad the family made it out with heart goes out to them cause I've been where you'll are at presently & I hope your rebuild is stronger!! Chalmette welcomes you with open arms though!!'

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