A man trying to help the occupants of a disabled vehicle was killed as was a passenger in the car that was disabled when another car drifted into the shoulder of I-310 near LA3127 early Saturday.

According to State Police, a 1998 Altima was stopped on the shoulder of the road with mechanical problems and its hazard lights on and another vehicle - a Nissan Xterra - had pulled in front of it with the driver, identified as 65-year-old Mario Funez, trying to provide assistance to those in the disabled Altima.

At that time, a 2011 Altima, driven by 20-year-old Jeremy Gullage, of Boutte, was traveling on I-310 when his car drifted onto the shoulder and hit the 1998 Altima, pushing it off the road and killing a passenger, identified as 59-year-old Sandra Gonzalez. Gullage's car also struck Funez, who was killed.

State Police said there were several other people in the three vehicles, but that all of them either had minor injuries or no injuries.

State Police said neither speed nor impairment was expected to a factor, but that Gullage and the other occupant of the 2011 Altima submitted to blood tests.

Police said fatigue was suspected and that charges are pending.

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