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NEW ORLEANS - A close friend is shedding new light on the LSU student accused of trying to murder her own mother.

In high school photos, Nicole Boover is with that friend, who asked to remain anonymous, are dressed as the Mt. Carmel Academy mascot, preparing to parade during Carnival season in their junior year.

'Junior year we were like inseparable, like best friends,' said the friend.

Two years later, Boover is behind bars, charged with trying to murder her own mother for inheritance money in New Orleans.

'I really didn't see it coming. I didn't expect it at all,' said the friend. 'She definitely was not a violent person. I couldn't imagine her hitting anyone, like at all.'

Boover is a freshman biology major at LSU. She dreamed of being a doctor, according to the friend, who is also a freshman at LSU.

According to court records, police believe Boover, 19, knocked on the door of her mother's apartment at The Esplanade complex at City Park around 4:30 a.m. Monday.

Police say Boover smiled when her mother answered, then raised a silver handgun. According to records, Sherri Boover shut the wooden door before her daughter fired three rounds. No one was injured.

Police said Boover and her alleged accomplice then fled to Baton Rouge. They were arrested on the LSU campus.

Boover's alleged accomplice, Nathan Andrew Yuhas, 18, is charged with principal to attempted first-degree murder. Police say Yuhas confessed he was promised a $50,000 cut of inheritance money.

Court records show Yuhas confessed to helping Boover buy gloves, duct tape, and masks like those in the movie 'Scream.'

'You got things happening all throughout this city, but that close to home it's really shocking,' said Ricky Cure, who lives in the apartment building. He showed Eyewitness News a notice residents received Tuesday night from apartment management, saying a gun had been discharged inside the building and that residents should be careful.

Residents at the apartment complex said it's the second shooting there in the last few years.

According to a friend, Boover lived with her mother after her parents divorced.

'It was never too good of a relationship, but it was never that hostile,' said the friend of Boover's relationship with her mother. 'I can't remember any big fights they had.'

'I was always at her house and I was really close with her mom so it really was a giant shock when I heard what happened.'

The friend said Boover's mother was the leader of the Catholic ministry, Come, Lord Jesus, at Mt. Carmel Academy, and described her as a very spiritual woman.

The friend said she had never before seen Yuhas and Boover together, and was surprised the two are suspected of working together in the alleged crime.

'I would just tell Nicole that I'm praying for her and she made a stupid decision but I still love her,' she said.

Boover ran track at Mt. Carmel, and later transferred to Grace King High School in Jefferson Parish during her senior year.

According to the friend, Boover did not finish her senior year at Grace King, but instead completed all necessary credits outside of conventional school.

Boover's bond on charges of attempted first degree murder has been set at $500,000.

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